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Hi all,
I am very new at this and not very sophisticated programmer ! SO detailed help appreciated if it is possible.
I am loading a geotiff into GeoServer, and I made a new layer fir the file XTiff.tif

Now I have 2 files, aTiff and bTiff . I wanted to switch between them...
So I tried simply renaming the aTiff file into XTiff.tif ...
cp aTiff.tif XTiff.tif

and indeed the XTiff.tif data in geoserver was replaced by the aTiff data.
So that worked well enough ( to get the bTiff file, I typed cp bTiff.tif XTiff.tif )

But the two files aTiff and bTiff have different coordinates.
So I went to the "publish" page and I hit "calculate bounds" and it fills in the little boxes for the coordinates from the aTiff file.
So that worked. Now I'm wondering if I can have geoserver recalculate the coordinates, programatically.
I have been looking at the rest command and the curl command, but I cannot figure out how to modify these coordinates programmatically.

Thanks Matt