missing thumbnails geonetwork 3.2.1

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missing thumbnails geonetwork 3.2.1


I am using geonetwork 3.2.1. compiled form source with the iso 19115-3 schema and the 19139.anzlic schema added in.

I have noticed a problem with missing thumbnails they appear to be broken.

Every time I log on I get the following message appearing.

Service not available

The service "/geonetwork/srv/eng/eco-districts_s.png" does not exist or you don't have privileges to access it. Return to thesearch page<http://localhost:8080/geonetwork/>.

I can see all the images in the data directory


I had a look at one thread that talked about changing the host name but it did not seam to make any diffidence.

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Re: missing thumbnails geonetwork 3.2.1

Check the graphics overview for the path.  For my situation I found "localhost" was not recognized, but when I replaced that with an explicit URL, the thumbnail appeared  for me.  Doesn't solve the underlying problem.