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mapserver WMS error

Morgan Smith-2
I have managed using the HowTo to get  mapserver to be a wms (Thanks Tim).  I am ghaving a problem  with  our US TIGER dataset. It seems that layers that are  not present in all subdirectories result in a WMS error:

msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer named 'US_Parks'. msSHPOpenFile(): Unable to access file. (/var/mapserver/current/map/TIGER04/ak/013//pk) msSHPOpenFile(): Unable to access file. (/var/mapserver/current/map/../data/TIGER04/ak/013//pk)

   These errors do not occur running straight mapscript with the map file not configured for WMS service.   It seems I may be missing something in the configuration to prevent this error but searching internet has not solved it.

   Any help appreciated.


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