mapguide-react-layout 0.9 released

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mapguide-react-layout 0.9 released

Jackie Ng
Hi All,

I've put out a new release of mapguide-react-layout.

Download from my brand spanking new project home page:

This release is now also available as an npm module, which you can install with node's npm or yarn package manager:

 * npm install mapguide-react-layout
 * yarn install mapguide-react-layout

The npm module allows for the following customization possibilities:

 * Creating your own custom viewer templates
 * Creating your own script commands (ie. The InvokeScript replacement)
 * Customizing the feature set of your viewer bundle

If the npm module interests you, but you're not quite sure how to use it to do any of the above items, you can check out my new example repo, that demonstrates all of the above:

As usual, you can check out the announcement blog post for all the details

- Jackie