mapcache_seed - bdb cache failure

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mapcache_seed - bdb cache failure

Hello all,

Hope someone can help.

We're hitting a problem using mapcache 1.8.0 (issue has existed before that
version however).

When using Berkley DB backend, errors are appearing when trying to use
multiple threads. Errors are not consistent when running exact same seed
process across different hardware.

For example, using -n 4 with mapcache_seed

Brings errors such as the below:

BDB0126 mmap: Invalid argument
failed to seed tile z3,x8,y8:
bdb cache failure for env->open: Invalid argument
aborting seed as 20.0% of the last 1000 requests failed

Same seed process was run across different hardware, all OS: Ubuntu Server

** A virtual box VM on a Macbook pro - doesn't run in to these errors.

** A well resourced AWS EC2 instance - occasionally hits these errors.

** A Cray CS400 cluster, Intel Xeon Broadwell nodes seems to hit these
errors every time.

The tile it fails on is not consistent, when run seed process is run again.

If anyone has any bright ideas as to where to look next or how to fix that'd
be great.


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