mapbender3: Digitizer / Skript error / nightly build

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mapbender3: Digitizer / Skript error / nightly build


i am editing Attributes via the Digitizer-Fuction. In principle in works fine.

-> i have upgraded to the last nightly version, because in the stable version i got (while editing) the warning: Skript antwortet nicht (skript doesnt answer)    Skript:  http......./assets/js:2471

--> because of another post i tried the nightly version.

> now there is no problem with the skript (everything is fast), but
  -  Editing in the starting BoundingBox works fine
  -> but if i change the BoundingBox via Search  i loose the connection between attribute table and map.
      means: no geometries in the map could be selected via mouse, no dialog windows appears if i click in the map
                    the geometries in the attribute table are correct (depending to the bounding box)

any idea how i could fix this?
is this problem known?
greeting V°