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libgeotiff as part of the MetaCRS project

Frank Warmerdam

As mentioned in an earlier message (to which I received no negative feedback)
I have asked the MetaCRS project to take on responsibility for the libgeotiff
library, and the geotiff related resources maintained with it (web site, etc).
The MetaCRS project has accepted.  This puts the project under the control
of the MetaCRS project with me as sub-project lead.

This means that the people who believe my interpretation of corner coordinate
reporting in listgeo actually have a court to appeal to!

My intention is to migrate the libgeotiff CVS repository contents into the
MetaCRS SVN and to migrate the web pages to a Trac wiki which will also be
the libgeotiff bug tracker.  This will likely happen over the next few weeks.

The MetaCRS project will also (likely) be applying for incubation as a project
of OSGeo.  At that point libgeotiff will be ultimately a project of the
foundation.  For those not familiar, OSGeo is the "Open Source Geospatial
Foundation", and acts as an umbrella formal corporate structure for a variety
of open source geospatial projects (including GDAL for instance).  It is
intended, among other things, to provide a greater deal of professionalism,
open governance and continuity for member projects.

As you might note, I am chair of the MetaCRS project, and active in OSGeo
so it isn't like I'm throwing things over for someone else to take care of.
But hopefully we will see improvements in this project as part of the process.

If anyone has concerns about this step, please feel free to contact me or
ask here on the list.

Best regards,
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and watch the world go round - Rush    | President OSGeo,

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