libgeotiff 1.5.0 released

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libgeotiff 1.5.0 released

Even Rouault-2

libgeotiff 1.5.0 has been released.

The news are:
* Require PROJ >= 6 dependency
* Remove all CSV files used by geo_normalize API, since libgeotiff now relies
  on PROJ database for EPSG CRS definitions.
* geo_normalize.c: SetGTParmIds(): use ProjStraightVertPoleLongGeoKey for
* geo_normalize.c: report StdParallel1 for Mercator_2SP when a PCS code is
* geo_normalize.c: fix support for Laborde Oblique Mercator
* listgeo: use PROJ database to display non-hardcoded values of a number of

For info, GDAL 2.4.0 builds against it (after re-adding a few symbols that are
no-op now) and seems to work properly in quick basic manual tests, although
moving the whole stack will require further advances in PROJ 6.0 adoption. The
natural set of compatible versions (and the one actually tested by continuous
integration) will be more GDAL 2.5.0 + libgeotiff 1.5.0 + PROJ 6.0


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