libgeotiff 1.4.3 RC1 released

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libgeotiff 1.4.3 RC1 released

Even Rouault-2

Before I start upgrading libgeotiff to use the new PROJ master code, I thought
it would be worth getting a release out with what was committed since 1.4.2
(more than 2 years ago)

So download and try:

If nothing alarming is reported, I'll issue a motion next week to MetaCRS for
offcial adoption.

The changes since 1.4.2 are:

* geotiff.h cpl_serv.h: Partial revert of r2736 to revert back including
"geo_config.h" (fixes #81)
* geo_simpletags.c: add cppcheck-suppress duplicateBranch annotation.
* geo_print.c: secure sscanf()/fscanf() uses.
* cppcheck fixes (signed vs unsigned printf/sscanf, redundantAssignment)
* csv/datum_shift_pref.csv: add override for CH1903 (EPSG:4149) (fixes #73)
* add mechanism to define TOWGS84 parameters per PCS (instead of only relying
on the TOWGS84 parameters of the underlying GCS). Add override for EPSG:3844
('Pulkovo 1942(58) / Stereo70' Romania). Fixes
* add overrides for PCS 31251,31252,31253 (MGI (Ferro) / Austria). Fixes
* add overrides for PCS 2397/2398/2399 (Pulkovo 1942(83) / 3-degree Gauss-
Kruger zone 3,4,5). Fixes
* add override for PCS 2065 (S-JTSK (Ferro) / Krovak). Fixes https:// and
* add GTIFNewEx() and GTIFNewWithMethodsEx() functions that accept a user-
provided error printing callback (only called by geo_normalize right now,
instead of fprintf(stderr)) and a user data handle. Add GTIFGetUserData().
* Updates to CMake configuration to align with other CMake norms
* Update to EPSG v9.2
* fix potential stack buffer overflow in GTIFAngleToDD(). Fixes https:// Credit to OSS Fuzz
* geo_normalize.c: use ProjScaleAtCenterGeoKey for CT_Mercator if
ProjScaleAtNatOriginGeoKey is not set. Fixes
* geo_new.c: reject files where the GTIFF_DOUBLEPARAMS tags has more than
MAX_VALUES=1000 values to avoid potential out-of-bounds read overflow. Fixes Credit to OSS Fuzz
* geo_set.c: remove useless va_end() as spotted by clang-tidy
* geo_set.c: when rewriting a ASCII key with a string value longer than the
original value, do not add a dummy "0 0 0 0" entry in the GeoKeyDirectory

Best regards,


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