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libgeotiff 1.3.0 RC 1

Frank Warmerdam

I have finally prepared a candidate for the libgeotiff 1.3.0 release.  Some
or all of the following changes were made since the beta1 a few months ago.

2010-01-03  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * Preparing 1.3.0 release.

        * set versioninfo to 2:0:0 as required by the change for
        1.3.0 in the ABI due to change of size of GTIFDefn structure.
        (#19, GDAL #3309)

2009-12-30  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_new.c: fix computation of ascii key length introduced in past
        fix a few months ago that was breaking the GTIFImport() logic.  (#14)

2009-11-11  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalize.c: Recognise 9841 and 1024 projection methods as

2009-10-19  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * csv/{gcs,pcs}.override.csv: Add comments on where the master lives
        and incorporate COORD_SYS_CODE and Pulkovo 1942 GCS.

The release is at:

Please let me know if anyone has any issues with this release candidate
in the next few days or I will promote it to final.

Best regards,
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