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libGeoTiff on Windows 7

Hi, I want to write a GeoTiff File using windows 7 system and Visual Studio 2005 or 2010 . At first I installed the libtiff library and I wrote a program(using VS 2005), which read and write a tiff format image (the program worked well). I downloaded the libgeotiff Library "libgeotiff-1.23" and I followed the installation instruction in order to install it [setting windows environment parameters and nmake /f ] The libraries are created:  geotiff.lib and geotiff_i.lib.  i wrote a sample program in order to write a Geotiff Data and I got the following errors:

"unresolved external symbol _XTIFFOpen "
"unresolved external symbol _XTIFFClose "
"unresolved external symbol _TIFFSetField"

I included the header files and the library directories and I added the header files in the project directory however the error occurs .

I'll enjoy to get a hit or a help to this start problem.

Best regards