letsencrypt certificates on qgis2

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letsencrypt certificates on qgis2

Richard Duivenvoorde

Just upgraded certificates on qgis2 and 3 (4 does not have it and 5 is
not online yet).

Quick note that on qgis2 the './certbot-auto renew' command fails
nowadays because we run Debian 7.11 / Wheezy (EOL) there. Which has old
Python/Virtualenv etc (see https://github.com/certbot/certbot/issues/6824)

For (new) admins, normal upgrade is:

# as root
cd /root/letsencrypt/
./certbot-auto renew

BUT: on qgis2 you now have to do:

# as root
cd /root/letsencrypt/
# edit certbot-auto as described here:
# then run it WITHOUT(!) renewing itself!!
./certbot-auto renew --no-self-upgrade


Richard Duivenvoorde

PS I think we need more active people in the [hidden email] group!
(those receive the mails about letsencrypt, hetzner etc etc and should
react on this)
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