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Michael Barton
layers added to wxgrass I just added the following new display layers to the layer manager in wxgrass: d.shadedmap, d.rumbline, d.geodesic, and d.rast.arrow. This gives the new wxPython GUI layer manager all the same types of layers available in the TclTk GUI except for d.rast.num.

d.rast.num is a problem in the wxPython GUI because it requires a very low resolution rendering (less than 100x100 cells). This is incompatible with the rendering algorithm in wxgrass which keeps a constant GRASS output display resolution that is equal to the display canvas resolution in pixels. This makes for nice looking displays and very fast rendering, but is a problem for d.rast.num. There is probably a way to solve this, but it will take some thought and recoding.

AFAICT, the GUI in wxPython now has equivalent (or better) functionality than the TclTk one with the following exceptions:
digitizing - actively under development
georectifying - next on my list
nviz - could really use some expertise in openGL to reconceptualize and implement this.

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