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Dear GN User community,

in one of our GN instances (v4.0.2) we are having this error in
Non-critical System checks (the full error message can be found in the
attached fail.log) :

Harvesting, however, seems to work ok in both directions, as long as we
use only other GN instances to check (using generic OGC CSW 2.0.2). That
is why we haven't been concerned about it too much so far.

But now we are having troubles to harvest our GN node from an ESRI
geoportal instance. While this might be caused by a myriad of other
issues, we would like to rule out that this error above is somehow related.

Does anyone of you have an idea what might be causing this error
message, and or even a pointer were to dig deeper into the potential
roots of the problem? None of the log files in $CATALINA_HOME/logs seem
to indicate that there is something wrong or malfunctioning concerning
csw -  well at least if you ignore multiple instances of this message:

2021-02-08 09:45:47,669 ERROR [geonetwork.csw] - Error getting domain value for specified PropertyName : org.apache.commons.lang.NotImplementedException: CSW not implemented in ES

But this doesn't seem to be related.

Thank you for thinking about it!

Best regards and stay safe,

Lars Möller

Dr. Lars Möller

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Zentrum für Material und Küstenforschung
-Modellierung zur Bewertung von Küstensystemen (KBS)
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