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Fabrice Hermann COLY

I'm working on the geo/cartographic aspects for MEZA, a French non-profit organization (association loi 1901) which is trying to launch a Web3D through a platform and framework for content development (modeling, programming, animations, etc.), which is free / open source, decentralized, and accessible to most people with a simple computer even low end.

For these developments, we are looking for tools to more easily generate real land bases and human infrastructure sites: roads, buildings, etc..

The platform allows terrains from 256 x 256 m to 8192 x 8192 m of dimensions either for scale 1 of territorial representation or at other smaller scales such as 1/1000th.

In a first step we should be able to generate terrains in bitmap file ( pgn) and shades of gray for the contours and elevations.
In a second time we would need the same thing but in a collada .dae file with the textures of aerial photos. already seems to us of the most adapted for the generation, but we would need help, advices and exchanges / partnership so much for the installation of an adapted server or other, to begin to test, and especially to adapt the outputs of file to the good dimensions.

It would also be necessary to adapt new functions to change the scales, for example to realize France at 1/1000th on a virtual field of 1024 x 1024 or Europe on a virtual field of 8192 x 8192, etc.

Eventually the goal is to add the buildings and others on top, already to better see the locations as accurately as possible, by retrieving data that allows to generate "extrusions" such as for example the following applications: or
a who lacks land elevations, etc.

The only difference is that the generation of the extruded mesh would actually be implemented in the environment itself, through its scripting tool that allows to generate shapes, and place them, from data exchanges hosted by other services such as osmbuilding mapbox or others.

We will then be able to develop actions that will allow us to scan / orhophotograph buildings and others with their real shapes and textures to place them in replacement of buildings etc. generated only in extrusion and which lack the real shapes and textures.

If already French-speaking contacts are part of this mailing list for quick exchanges it would be nice to be able to exchange and show you the tools we deploy.
In english too ;) but we are not very fluent in english ;)

To see for other exchanges.

Sincerely yours

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