iTowns presentation : videos & material ?

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iTowns presentation : videos & material ?

Vincent Picavet (ml)
Hi all,

I will be presenting iTowns next week at Geomatique 2016 Montreal, and
also a bit later at BlendWebMix in Lyon.

I would like to present latest developments of iTowns, and previews of
what will be implemented later on.

Could you please tell me (or point to current GH issues) the features
you worked on lately ?

It would be great to have new videos too. If you have some video
demonstrations of iTowns and the latest features, please share them.
I would need them before monday evening so that i can arrange a full
video for the presentation.

I can provide you a place to upload your video to, or you can use itowns
vimeo account (ask Alex or me for account credentials).

Do not hesitate to ask if you need more info,
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