iTowns presentation at FOSS4G Bonn next week

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iTowns presentation at FOSS4G Bonn next week

Vincent Picavet (ml)
Hi all,

I hope you had the opportunity to take some holidays and are now ready
for some more iTowns development :-)

I will be presenting iTowns at FOSS4G next week in Bonn. I would
therefore be interested in a few things :
* Any presentation material you can have ( videos, slides & co)
* The current status of the items you currently focus on for iTowns (
Just bullet points is enough)
* What items you intend to work on in the future ( 2016 and 2017 if known)
* Any specific message you would like me to pass on to the FOSS4G attendance

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question. I will send you an
upload link if you need to upload large files.

Thanks !
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