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iTowns now has a PSC

Vincent Picavet (ml)
Hi all,

During last week's codesprint, some organization work has been achieved,
following discussions which took place end of last year.

The iTowns project, aiming at developing solutions to manage and
visualize 3D data with web technologies, is now an independent
opensource project.

As such, it is handled by its contributors. A Project Steering Cmmittee
( PSC ) has been designated to bootstrap the iTowns organization.

The iTowns PSC is composed of :
* GĂ©rald Choqueux
* Alexandre Devaux
* Vincent Picavet
* Thomas Broyer
* Gilles Cebelieu

Alexandre Devaux is the current Chair of the PSC.
PSC members are not limited to these initial 5 people, and the current
members list is located here :

Rules for the PSC organization and generally the iTowns project have
been defined. You will find the document detailing these rules here :

Generally, all documents concerning the global project are located here:

I advise you to read these document, and for PSC members to stick to the
rules written. The process is designed to be lightweight.

What I propose though, is that the iEP process only starts for each
project ( iTowns 1, iTowns 2 ) after the first official release for
each. iTowns version 2 being under heavy work, it is not yet interesting
to have a PSC voting process for the modifications.

You will also find various documents for project organization inside
each repository. Please read them and apply them, they are important for
project quality.

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