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Alphonse Nahon

Dear all,

First of all many thanks to all developers who have made available an impressive tool.

I am part of land survey company. I am personally in charge of developing an application through which one can remotely access and visualize mobile mapping system data. The data consists in panorama images and point clouds, mainly collected in urban settings and along railways.

I have been playing with iTowns (V1 & V2) for about a month now. Yet, I haven't been able to go through all subtleties.

The first thing I would have liked to achieve is to superimpose images and points; somehow exactly like V1 does.

For now I have managed to visualize both data separately with V2, and I am still struggling to organize and convert my data into the right format for V1.

Before I get any further, I would have like to ask for your opinions on the best options for my purposes.

My concerns also come from deprecated functionalities in V2. I have been wondering if the street view capabilities of V1 would remain into the V2.

Thank you in advance for sharing advices!


Alphonse Nahon

Ingénieur R&D


Geosat - Société de Géomètres-Experts
17 rue Thomas Edison  
33600 Pessac, France
Tél: +33 5 56 78 14 33 ext 5011

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