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Artur Gil
Dear list,

With the aim of spreading the word about new contributions and
projects using gvSIG as underlying technology, from the gvSIG project
we want to announce the official launch of a new section[1] on the
collaborative portal to catalogue and publicize those contributions.

Most of the contributions will be extensions (new functionalities,
customizations, etc.) but also north arrows catalogues, symbology
definitions, tutorials and so on.

Any company, entity or freelance developer that wants to publish her
contribution (always with free licenses, of course) can contact the
team[2] (we're working on an web interface for that) to register it on
the catalogue.

You should remind that the catalogue is populated with non-official
contributions, so, the gvSIG team can't offer any support for those
contributions. But, users are encouraged to use the lists to post
doubts, bugs and comments to have feedback with the developers and
maybe some kind of support.

There is a manual of the catalogue for contributors available[4] (the
manual and participate articles are only in Spanish at this time, we
will translate them as soon as possible).

Nowadays the interface is only in English, and we want to have the
projects description also in English but if contributors want, they
can also document the project description in other languages.

Best regards
gvSIG team
[3][hidden email]

Alvaro Anguix

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