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gvSIG at the ELOGeo project

gvSIG at the ELOGeo project

After the sign of the Collaboration Agreement with Centre for Geospatial Science, the University of Nottingham, the gvSIG Association collaborates with the ELOGeo project (An e-Learning Framework for Using Geospatial Open Data, Open Source and Open Standards ) by providing English training documentation about gvSIG.

The ELOGeo project is a JISC-funded project based at the Centre for Geospatial Science, the University of Nottingham in partnership with the Mimas Centre of Excellence at the University of Manchester.

This project addresses the provision of infrastructure for education, transfer of knowledge and training users and researchers on the effective use of open geospatial services, by providing a set of methodologies, tools and materials.

The courses target the researchers, non-geospatial experts and general public who want to use open data, standards and tools.

For more information about the project, please visit the webpage of the project: http://cgs.nottingham.ac.uk/~elogeo

On the other hand, the ELOGeo Team is carrying out an User Requirements study at http://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/mimas/elogeo

They welcome staff and students from all disciplines to participate in this and they greatly appreciate your time spent in answering these questions and we welcome any suggestions that you have regarding this project. The survey closes on 27th March 2011.

Please contact Dr Amir Pourabdollah (Email- [hidden email]  ) for any information needed.

From the gvSIG Association we want to congratulate the ELOGeo Team for the work carried out and thank them for taking us into account for  this initiative.

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