[gvSIG Mobile 0.3] Bugs in 'MapContext' and 'Utils' classes

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[gvSIG Mobile 0.3] Bugs in 'MapContext' and 'Utils' classes

Stefano Orlando

Hi, referring to this bug [1], the problem arises due to unwanted references to objects that don’t have to change locally or at all.

So these are my simple patches:


- in ‘MapContext’ class, ‘getAllLayersExtent()’ method, change the following lines:


  [remove] Rectangle2D resp = null;

  [add]    Rectangle2D resp = new Rectangle2D.Float();


  [remove] if (resp == null) {

  [add]    if (i == 0) {


  [remove] resp = lyr.getFullExtent();

  [add]    resp.setRect(lyr.getFullExtent());


- in ‘Utils’ class, ‘readWldFile(File wf)’ method, change the following line:


  [remove] AffineTransform resp = Utils.IDENTITY_AT;

  [add]    AffineTransform resp = new AffineTransform();


Hope this helps. Bye.




[1] http://listserv.gva.es/pipermail/gvsig_desarrolladores/2011-May/005446.html


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