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gvSIG Desktop 2.4 is now available

Mario Carrera-3

Hi all,

gvSIG Desktop 2.4, the new version of the open source Geographic Information System, is now available. You can access both the gvSIG Desktop 2.4 installable and portable versions from the download section of the project website [1], with distributions available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

This new version is released with a lot of new features and improvements. Some of them are:
  - Symbology: Heat map and marker clustering legends, and new symbol libraries
  - Usability: Several improvements in usability issues
  - 3D: NASA World Wind Update
  - 4D temporary data support
  - Quick information tool
  - Databases: H2GIS, Oracle, SQL Server, SpatiaLite
  - OSM: New OSM map services and OSM data direct download
  - New geoprocesses: Geocoding, Point dispersion, Rossmo, Population by area calculator
  - New icon set

The rest of the novelties can be consulted in [2].

For any doubt or problem with the application you can use the user mailing list [3]

And there are several free courses about the application available:
We hope that you enjoy it.

Best regards,
  Mario Carrera

[1] http://www.gvsig.com/en/products/gvsig-desktop/downloads
[2] https://blog.gvsig.org/2018/02/21/gvsig-desktop-2-4-is-already-available/
[3] http://www.gvsig.com/en/community/mailing-lists


Mario Carrera

Training, Language and Communication Manager. gvSIG Association

Responsable de Formación, Internacionalización y Difusión. Asociación gvSIG


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