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gvSIG CodeSprint

Next Tuesday, November 27th, a day before the 8th edition of the International gvSIG conference (Valencia - Spain, November 28th - 30th), a CodeSprint event [1] will be held, where gvSIG developers gathered to discuss and solve some coding problems. This CodeSprint will take place after the positive experience of the previous gvSIG CodeSprints (FOSS4G2010, Girona, 6th and 7th gvSIG Conference, and Galicia).

This event is sponsored by the Instituto ai2 of the Polytechnic University in Valencia and will be held in its installations, at the Polytechnical City of Innovation of this University.

The objective is to call gvSIG developers who can be interested. For this, a web page [2] has been created with the information about how to add bugs or functionalities to deal with, how to be registered, etc.

[1] http://jornadas.gvsig.org/8as/gvsig-codesprint
[2] http://bit.ly/gvSIG8-CodeSprint

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