gvSIG CodeSprint in Galicia (Spain)

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gvSIG CodeSprint in Galicia (Spain)

gvSIG CodeSprint in Galicia (Spain)

Next 14th and 15th July, a gvSIG CodeSprint will be held in Galicia (Spain). The event will be held in A Coruña, and we encourage the gvSIG Community to participate. It will be an event oriented to work, share and try to improve gvSIG together.

We are completing some details for the organization. We've created a wiki page [1], where we will completing the information about the event. You can register for the CodeSprint on the same page, and we would be grateful if you do it as soon as possible to have an estimate of the attendees in order to organizate the event.

[1]: http://doowikis.com/m/oXmrqoFIM1

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