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gvSIG Association ? i3Geo. Connecting liberties

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gvSIG Association ? i3Geo. Connecting liberties

The headline of this press release would be able to be that i3Geo becomes an official product of the gvSIG project, but the true importance of this passing is that i3Geo and gvSIG join their forces, a summation of efforts based on similar ways to understand opens source as something that goes beyond technical questions. With this agreement there's an approach to collaborate in a model level. We expect to grow in the technical, economic and organizational parts through the collaboration between projects that bet on open source as fundamental base for technological independence, that understand the software as a means and not as an end. At the free geomatics area, i3Geo is without doubt the reference of technology with Latin American origin. i3Geo was created by the Environment Ministry (MMA) in Brazil, in the context of the implementation of the National Information System about Environment (SINIMA). Its license was changed to GPL in 2006, and it became a part of the Brazilian Public Software Portal (PSPB).

i3Geo, that means "Geoprocessing Tools Integrated Interface for Internet", was born with the objective to create a software that allowed the dissemination of geographical data and gave more advanced options to the final user. The software has evolved, adding new functionalities; among others, the software allows the user to access to the attribute table of the layers, load data, connect to OGC services, change legend by default, interact with other data (Wikipedia, Confluence, Metar, etc.), vector editing, geoprocessing... Furthermore, i3Geo offers direct access services like downloads, WMS, WFS, KML and KMZ, making the implementation of SDIs easy.

These circumstances took to the integration of i3Geo with gvSIG in two ways too. Firstly with a plugin that allows to the same catalog to be shown in gvSIG to include the layers in the project, that is to say that the same organization of the data is shown in the interactive layout in the website and in a gvSIG project. Secondly, a PHP class that allows the projects to be read by i3Geo, working as a desktop application to create maps that will be published in the website.

In this agreement, Edmar Moretti, main developer of i3Geo, becomes part of the gvSIG Professional Structure. In short, the integration between the i3Geo and gvSIG communities will bring growth opportunities for both of them. Growth of the free technical offer that the gvSIG project hosts, growth as community and in the community. Communities that grow in an inclusive way, with affinity to a values and a job oriented to connect liberties, solutions and efforts.

Our strength is the growth and the peer organization: i3Geo and gvSIG.

i3Geo: http://www.gvsig.org/web/projects/i3Geo

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