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gvSIG 2.0 beta1 available

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gvSIG 2.0 beta1 available

Continuing with the stabilization phase of the gvSIG 2.0 version, gvSIG 2.0 beta1 distribution is now available [1].

We encourage you to test it and send us any errors and suggestions in the users mailing list [2] or directly in the bugtracker (see interesting links for testers [3]).

The new features of gvSIG 2.0 can be consulted in [4].

[1] http://www.gvsig.org/web/projects/gvsig-desktop/official/gvsig-2.0/downloads
[2] http://listserv.gva.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/gvsig_internacional
[3] http://www.gvsig.org/web/production/proyectos/testing/docs/procedimientostesteo/Infromacionrelevantetesteo/the-exploratory-testing
[4] http://www.gvsig.org/web/projects/gvsig-desktop/official/gvsig-2.0/notas-de-version/new-features

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