grass 7.0 g.region segmentation fault

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grass 7.0 g.region segmentation fault

Mohammed Rashad
with new wxgui i selected location wizard on the startup screen

1. select coordinate system
2. choose projection --- ll(lat/long)
3. select ellipsoid ---- everst56
4. Summary

after the location wizard when i click finish
a message window appears with
`Do you want to set the default region extents and resolution now?`
if yes button was clicked..

another message window displays
`Error invlaid region`
and a window appears

when grass is restarted with new loacation created error apperas with
title        : Error in g.region execution
message : Unable to get current geographic extent. Force quiting wxGUI. Please run manually g.region to fix the problem

when run g.region at command line
as g.region -p
error appers as
segmentation fault

But no problem reports for other types such as xy location, georeferenced files etc..

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