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gmx:Anchor and Limitation on Public Access metadata element

Age Sild
Dear community,

We have a problem related to gmx:Anchor element and INSPIRE Limitation on Public Access metadata element.
GeoNetwork version is 3.8.1.

I have configured GeoNetwork for the INSPIRE directive. All necessary codelists are added from the INSPIRE Registry.
For example inserting an anchor element for INSPIRE Priority data is ok, I can choose the type of keyword I want.

But if I want to add an anchor element for Access constraints metadata element, there is no option in Simple or INSPIRE view to add it (appropriate codelist is added to Thesaurus list).

Adding an anchor is possible only in xml view, but this is complicated for usual metadata editing person.
INSPIRE validator expects using an Anchor element in Limitation on Public Access section.

Is it possible that I missed something in configuration related anchor or INSPIRE conf?
Or is this solved in newer versions of GeoNetwork?

Age Sild
Chief Specialist | Bureau of Spatial Data Services
+372  675 0118 | [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>
Maa-amet / Estonian Land Board
Mustamäe tee 51 | 10621 Tallinn, Estonia | +372 665 0600<><>


Our mission is to administer land-related procedures with expertise and provide society with land information and spatial data.

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