gml vs gml3.2 for TemporalExtent

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gml vs gml3.2 for TemporalExtent


Harvesting MD from an ERDDAP server, I upgraded a bit the xslt available to
convert the xml from gmi to gmd so that Geonetwork can read the xml file.

I'm struggling to understand the correct version of gml needed for GN to
understand the temporal extent.

In the xsl transformation, the namespace gml/3.2 is automatically added as
an attribute in all the gml element. BUT GN recognize the temporal extent
only if the namespace is gml, not gml 3.2....

Beside, if I manually remove all the appearance of gml/3.2 and define the
namespace as simple gml, I get an error message quite disturbing :)

   / Attribute 'id' is not allowed to appear in element 'gml:TimePeriod'.
(Element: gml:TimePeriod with parent element: gmd:extent)

    Attribute 'id' must appear on element 'gml:TimePeriod'. (Element:
gml:TimePeriod with parent element: gmd:extent)/

Any idea how to have a valid description of the temporal extent?!
Thanks a lot,


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