gml: prefix in returned GML2 features for SDE layers

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gml: prefix in returned GML2 features for SDE layers

John Fletcher
I am receiving an error when attempting to access features from a
geoserver WFS using geotools.  Using the WFSDemo grabbed from the
geotools samples page on a shapefile-backed featureType works fine, but
using the same code on an SDE-backed featureType gives the following
error (abridged): org.xml.sax.SAXException: Could not find element
handler for : SDE.SDE.TIGER_COUNTY as a child
of FeatureAssociationType.
        at org.geotools.xml.gml.FCBuffer.hasNext(
... etc

This seems to be a similar problem to that described here:

I am posting this to the geoserver site as I think it may relate to the
GML produced by geoserver.  I'm not 100% sure if the classes which do
that are part of the geotools project or the geoserver project, so I
apologize if this is posted to the wrong forum.  I have noticed that
whenever I request features as GML from geoserver (using 1.3.0 RC7 for
testing here) which are backed by SDE, I see a gml: prefix on the
elements where I would expect to see the configured geoserver namespace.

As an example, I issued the following GetFeatures request for the
included tasmania_cities shapefile data in the topp namespace:
And I received the following response (abridged):
  <topp:tasmania_cities fid="tasmania_cities.1">
... etc

I set up an SDE data source and featureType using the same geoserver
instance in a new 'prod' namespace, and issued the following GetFeatures
And I received the following response (abridged):
... etc

I would expect to see 'prod' as the namespace for the featureType name
and for all of the attributes, instead of 'gml'.  This observation with
my test instance is consistent with observations I have made with other
SDE-backed featureTypes through geoserver (Oracle and SQL Server have
been tested).  Has anyone else experienced this, and can anyone confirm
whether or not this is the cause of the the error I'm seeing from
geotools?  I did a little poking around in the code, but it's a bit like
going down the rabbit-hole for the uninitiated so I didn't take it too

Thanks in advance.


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