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Hi folks,


I’ve got a problem with a geonetwork server we’re running here (2 problems actually, the second being that I’m not much of a java programmer). Recently it’s started to display just the header, failing to load the home page content with the following error:



geonetwork-client-mini-nomap.js:formatted:90518 Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'focus' on 'HTMLElement': parameter 1 ('options') is not an object.





I downloaded the geonetwork-client-mini-nomap.js, unpacked it and corrected the error, but when I sent the file back to the server admin (a couple of states north of me), he said he couldn’t find the file on the server (Chrome is claiming it should be in /static/ geonetwork-client-mini-nomap.js)


I found something on our LAN that looks like it should be the source code for the server (the original developer has since departed), but can’t find any geonetwork-client-mini-nomap.js file there, just a reference in web-client/target/classes/web-client-wro-sources.xml which seems to be collecting together a whole bunch of .js files, none of which appear to have the offending line of code in them: Ext.getDom("E_any") && Ext.getDom("E_any").focus(!0);


So, I’m kind of stuck. I’m thinking that maybe I could get the sys admin to send me a copy of the original .war file off the server, unpack it and try editing from there, but I’m open to any other suggestions


Thanks in advance,


Peter Shanks

Senior Technical Officer

Information & Data Centre

CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere

Email: [hidden email] | Phone: +61 3 6232 5261 | Mobile: +61 402 525 482



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