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geonetwork 2019 budget / sponsorship / spending

I also had a go at updating the osgeo / psc budget information after last weeks PSC meeting: GeoNetwork-Budget-2019

I took some time to document psc spending decisions/approvals, and also the prior code-sprint budget requests (since the osgeo board was confused about what was going on and rejected prior code-sprint funding requests).

For future reference sprint requests to osgeo *require* an event budget, and strongly recommend that the event organizer attend the board meeting where the request is reviewed and approved.

For the recent code-sprint pages I also added a section for sponsorship, including a "donation" PayPal button (the exact URL was provided by OSGeo treasurer).

I expect the new board to contact geonetwork-psc for 2020 budget in the coming weeks. It may be worth thinking about next year's challenges and activities.
Jody Garnett

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