geofence on sqlserver?

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geofence on sqlserver?

Mark Prins
I'm looking at implementing geofence on a 2-node clustered geoserver instance with a requirement of using sqlserver 2017 (if using a database, we might be able to get away with an embedded db, but I'm unsure how that would work with h2).
I've been trying to find the hibernate-spatial-sqlserver artifact with a version that geoserver uses, but so far no dice, it seems the geoserver project has released it's own versions that I have been unable to find the sources of (I assume there have been some changes wrt. JTS 1.15.x for current releases of geoserver and maybe some other things that I can't think of...

I've found the 1.1.1 version at which includes sources, and some of the other database flavours at 
I can probably:
- port the 1.1.1 sqlserver code to JTS 1.16 and 
- produce some sql to create the schema, 
but I'm unsure if that would be enough.

Any help, suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.


ah wait... there's that has

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