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Hi again,


Regarding my previous post I’d like to add something more:


1)    A printer has its own “margins” (non-printable portions of a page). This cannot be foreseen. I believe, that a “smart” PDF-application is capable of detecting the bbox of all “printable” elements in a PDF, and thus be able to fit that bbox onto a piece of paper of perfectly chosen/best fitted size.

2)    When trying to produce true-scale PDF-maps (with margins), pre-calculations and pre-processing have to performed up front. This, in order to achieve a desired print quality of all raster and vector layers (DPI).

What I am saying is, that a producer of a true-scale PDF-map needs to be aware of lots of the aspects of the to-be generated PDF.

Thus, in my point of view, the input to gdal_translate need not to be easily understood (but documentation serves well J).


I hope this will clarify my objectives, somehow.

Thank you very much!




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