[gdal-dev] compiling gdal and linking with postgis

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[gdal-dev] compiling gdal and linking with postgis

Sandeep Gupta

 I have tried three version of gdal but this problem exists:

 The gdal compiles fine but when I build postgis with the compiled
 gdal then I get following error:

 libtool: link: cannot find the library

 This dependency is coming from gdal and most likely from this file:

 Which looks like this:
dependency_libs=' -lexpat
owfax-westmere/PostgreSQL/9.6.2-foss-2016b-Python-2.7.12/lib -lpq
-lpthread -lrt -L/apps/packages/math/epd/7.6-3/lib -lcurl
/home/vagrant/pisi/tmp/libxml2-2.9.2-2/usr/lib/libxml2.la -lz -ldl

 I didn't find anything in configure etc. that can turn off depndency
on vagrant/pisi.

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