[gdal-dev] Up-to-date ebuilds for Gentoo/Funtoo-Linux

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[gdal-dev] Up-to-date ebuilds for Gentoo/Funtoo-Linux

Dear Gentoo/Funtoo users,

I am trying to update/produce OSGeo related ebuilds for Gentoo/Funtoo-Linux.

First attempt at https://github.com/NikosAlexandris/osgeo-overlay/blob/master/sci-libs/gdal/gdal-2.1.3.ebuild.
The ebuild fails to compile if "java mdb" support is requested.

Would someone possibly have a look at
https://github.com/NikosAlexandris/osgeo-overlay/issues/2 and eventually
help out?

Thank you, Nikos
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