[gdal-dev] Sentinel-1 SLC manifest.safe georeferencing wrong

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[gdal-dev] Sentinel-1 SLC manifest.safe georeferencing wrong

Gong, Shawn

Hi list,


I see that there is a GDAL driver for Sentinel-1 'manifest.safe' and I tested it against the tough case of the SLC (complex).

These products consists of three HH-HV dual-pol images.  They only overlap at the edges, when I load the *.tiff one by one in OpenEV viewer (see attached screen shot)


However when I load the 'manifest.safe', GDAL recognizes that it is Sentinel-1 but its georeferencing is wrong. Three images are overlapped almost 100%.  When I run gdalinfo, the shown GCPs are only from the 3rd image (s1a-iw3-slc-vh-########-003.tiff).


Any ideas?


Also the new RCM is going to have the 'manifest.safe' file too. There could be a conflict, if file name 'manifest.safe' is used to identify the sensors.



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