[gdal-dev] Problem with protocol Microsoft Azure Blob in QGIS

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[gdal-dev] Problem with protocol Microsoft Azure Blob in QGIS

Borja Rodríguez Fernández
I am trying to upload an image in tiff format into QGIS using Azure Blob protocol with the name of the blob and the storage account key but I have this error:

Layer Invalid: provider GDAL You can not open GDAL dataset / vsiaz / cog2 / 3LiES........Lack AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT + AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY or AZURE_STORAGE_CONNECTION_STRING settings frame layer Provider is invalid (Provider: gdal, URL: / vsiaz / cog2 / 3LiES.............

I write the name of the storage account and the key1 of that storage account but I get an error

What could be the problem?

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