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[gdal-dev] [OFFICIAL] MSSQL GDAL bulk insert with append to varchar(max) column




After upgrading GDAL to a version that supports MSSQL bulk inserts (v2.2.3) I have found an issue with data append operations using ogr2ogr between MSSQL spatial tables. If the destination table has a column of type varchar(max) then it is only populated with the first character from the source record. No such issue for nvarchar(max) types or varchar with a restricted length.

The GDAL command I am using is simply:

ogr2ogr -append -f MSSQLSpatial "MSSQL:server=SQLSERVER;database=DATABASE;trusted_connection=yes" "MSSQL:server=SQLSERVER;database=DATABASE;trusted_connection=yes;tables=SOURCETABLE" -nln DESTTABLE


The only work around for this is to disable bulk inserts first with:



We are using MSSQL Server 2014.  Has anyone else come across this?




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