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[gdal-dev] MS4W version 3.2.2 available

Hi all, see below for news of today's MS4W release, containing GDAL
2.2.1 for Windows users, and many upgrades to its libraries.  Thanks to
Even and the whole GDAL team.  -jeff

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Hello everyone,

MS4W version 3.2.2 is now available at http://www.ms4w.com  This
contains security releases of Apache, PHP, and upgrades to the MapServer
7.0.6 & GDAL 2.2.1 releases.  Several changes were also made to
libraries for performance improvements (such as libjpeg-turbo and
SQLite).  Several packages were upgraded for the installer including
GeoMOOSE 3.0.0-beta (new backend engine, give it a try!), Mapbender (now super fast), OpenLayers 4.2.0 (when you goto the OpenLayers
examples page and search for "mapserver" you can find a local MS4W
example).  This a substantial MS4W release.  Here is the full list of

    - upgraded MapServer and MapScript (CSharp, Java, Python, PHP) to 7.0.6
    - upgraded GDAL to 2.2.1 (trac ticket 111)
    - upgraded PHP to 5.6.31 (trac ticket 122)
    - upgraded Apache to 2.4.27 (trac ticket 119)
    - enabled OPcache PHP extension for Mapbender performance (trac
ticket 63)
    - built MapServer with support for Z geometry values (trac ticket 120)
    - updated cURL certificates bundle
    - rebuilt mod_fcgid
    - rebuilt Apache H264 Streaming Module
    - rebuilt MapCache
    - rebuilt TinyOWS
    - changed JPEG library to libjpeg-turbo (trac ticket 121)
    - upgraded libPNG support to 1.6.29
    - upgraded libTIFF support to 4.0.8 (trac ticket 114)
    - upgraded GeoTIFF support to SVN-trunk-20170623
    - rebuilt HDF4 support
    - upgraded HDF5 support to 1.10.1
    - upgraded PostgreSQL support to 9.6.3
    - upgraded MySQL support to 5.7.18
    - upgraded SQLite support to 3.19.3 (trac ticket 107)
    - rebuilt SpatiaLite support
    - upgraded OpenSSL support to 1.0.2l (trac ticket 116)
    - upgraded cURL support to 7.54.1
    - added curl.exe utility into /tools
    - rebuilt NetCDF support
    - upgraded Freetype support to 2.8
    - upgraded Cairo support to 1.14.10
    - rebuilt Poppler support
    - upgraded to Esri File Geodatabase 1.5 API support (trac ticket 109)
    - upgraded to Oracle SDK
    - upgraded PCRE support to 8.40
    - upgraded HarfBuzz support to 1.4.6
    - rebuilt libSVG support
    - rebuilt libSVG-Cairo support
    - upgraded Shapelib support to 1.4.0 (trac ticket 72)
    - rebuilt shp2tile utility
    - renamed Apache access and error log files

Please note that (if you are using the .zip) your server must have the
C++ Redistributable installed on it beforehand: execute the local file

Please don't be afraid to also provide feedback and requests through the
MS4W tracker (so the comments and requests are not lost or forgotten):

Thank you all for sharing your spatial information with MS4W.

And happy MapServing!


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

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