[gdal-dev] Issue getting correct GeoTransform

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[gdal-dev] Issue getting correct GeoTransform

Janelle Archer
I am creating a data set in virtual memory and then copying over to a DTED driver.
I have verified that when I setGeoTransform, I am able to get the same values back.

(*i).tempMemDS = tempMemDriver->Create ("", (int) xSize, (int) ySize, 1, GDT_Float32, NULL
(*i).dtedDS = dtedDriver->CreateCopy (szFilename,(*i).tempMemDS, TRUE, NULL, NULL, NULL);

My issue arises when I try and getGeoTransform form the dted dataset. The aux.xml returns shows the correct data, however every time I look at the value from getGeoTransform it is the same incorrect values.

I am wondering if there is some sort of formatting issue that I am doing incorrectly.

Thank you in advance, it is greatly appreciated.

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