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[gdal-dev] Gdal_retile - overviews - incremental updates




currently I am building overviews with gdal_retile for a bunch of tiled rasters – the overviews are stored in geotiff for each level  in a separate folder 1, 2, 3, 4.


I am quite happy with the performance of the format on geoserver, but I think there is a problem with updates. Usually just some rasters get an update – the rest remains the same. So I want to recalculate only some rasters and all the overviews of those.


I couldn’t find a way to recalculate only a part of a the gdal_retile output – it’s always adding new geotiffs instead of overwriting the existing ones.  I thought maybe gdalddo is an alternative to gdal_retile for the updates, but as far as I see it’s not possible to create a pyramid with external tif files (not ovr).


So, my question is: Is there a possibility to recalculate a part of a pyramid created with gdal_retile?



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