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[gdal-dev] GDAL image mosaicing

Hi All,

I am working on blending two georeferenced images. My idea was to open them in Python using GDAL library , finding the overlapping area and then do some more work.
I found this book about Geoprocessing with Python where they talk about convertingpixel coordinates to another image. Unfortunately I stuck at the beginning. The beggigning of the code looks like this:

def get_extent(fn):
    #Returns min_x, max_y, max_x, min_y
    ds = gdal.Open(fn)
    gt = ds.GetGeoTransform()
    return (gt[0], gt[3], gt[0] + gt[1] * ds.RasterXSize, gt[3] + gt[5] * ds.RasterYSize)

in_files = glob.glob('O*.png')

min_x, max_y, max_x, min_y = get_extent(in_files[0])
# calculate output extent from all inputs
for fn in in_files[1:]:
    minx, maxy, maxx, miny = get_extent(fn)
    min_x = min(min_x, minx)
    max_y = max(max_y, maxy)
    max_x = max(max_x, maxx)
    min_y = min(min_y, miny)

in_ds = gdal.Open(in_files[0])
gt = in_ds.GetGeoTransform()

When I run this code, I receive error:
 min_x, max_y, max_x, min_y = get_extent(in_files[0])

IndexError: list index out of range

My in_files are empty. 

When I change the way of loading data to:

in_files = [cv2.imread(file) for file in glob.glob('D:/_work(z pulpitu)/mosaicing/GDAL_test/data/*png')]

My in_files type is a list with two attributes (nuppy_arrays) byt I get the error:
return _gdal.Open(*args)

RuntimeError: not a string

Can anyone help me with solving this problem?


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