[gdal-dev] GDAL compilation with ODA 2019 Update 2 patch 1

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[gdal-dev] GDAL compilation with ODA 2019 Update 2 patch 1

Timo Mouhu

Hi all,

I have been trying to compile GDAL in Windows with new ODA versions. I have been partly successful, but compiled DWG driver is basically not working at all, even when no errors or warnings are visible during compile or when running on command line. I have tried to compile driver both included and as plugin and both are the same, though plugin version functions otherwise normally.

Has anyone build GDAL with recent ODA versions and could you give me some pointers how to proceed with debug and/or build?

My current nmake.vc configuration looks like this:

TD_KERNEL = C:\oda\ODA-2019-u2-p1-b19.12\Kernel_vc14_amd64dll
TD_DRAWING = C:\oda\ODA-2019-u2-p1-b19.12\Drawings_vc14_amd64dll
TD_INCLUDE = -I$(TD_KERNEL)\Kernel\Include -I$(TD_DRAWING)\Drawing\Include -I$(TD_KERNEL)\Kernel\Extensions\ExServices -I$(TD_DRAWING)\Drawing\Extensions\ExServices -I$(TD_DRAWING)\Dgn\include -I$(TD_DRAWING)\Dgn\Extensions\ExServices -I$(TD_KERNEL)\ThirdParty\activation -D_TOOLKIT_IN_DLL
TD_KERNEL_LIBDIR = $(TD_KERNEL)\lib\vc14_amd64dll
TD_DRAWING_LIBDIR = $(TD_DRAWING)\lib\vc14_amd64dll
TD_LIBS = $(TD_DRAWING_LIBDIR)\*.lib $(TD_KERNEL_LIBDIR)\*.lib advapi32.lib
TD_LIBDIR = dummy # Needed to compile DWG plugin

-Timo Mouhu


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