[gdal-dev] Building OpenEV with GDAL 2.2.4

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[gdal-dev] Building OpenEV with GDAL 2.2.4

Shannon Fitzpatrick



I’m trying to build OpenEV with GDAL 2.2.4 using Visual Studio 2008. I have been able to build and run OpenEV with GDAL 2.0.2 with Visual Studio 2008. However, as soon as I move to 2.0.3 OpenEV dies when try and start it. Seems to be an issue with swig since when you comment out the lines starting at  “SWIGTYPE_p_GDALDatasetShadow = SWIG_TypeQuery("_p_GDALDatasetShadow")” to the end of the function init_gdal in gvmodule.c OpenEV starts ( You can not open an image though). Does anyone have any advice to point me in the correct direction as far as swig and as to which compiler I can have to expect a little issues as possible with.



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