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[gdal-dev] Build GDAL with PDFium

Gane R
Hi all,

I tried to Build GDAL with PDFium on linux, I succeeded it.
 I faced the following issue 
F .text._ZN13CFDF_Document12CreateNewDocEv       00000000000000ac .hidden CFDF_Document::CreateNewDoc() got that fixed by changing standalone.gypi removing -fvisibility=hidden.

As an next step I tried to Build GDAL with PDFium for android(cross compile) I succeed it.

But when I try to load the GDAL's shared library libgdal.so.20 which is dependent for my shared lib libread.so.

I see unsatisfied link error unable to load symbols in libgdal.so.20      
U _ZN13CFDF_Document12CreateNewDocEv
U _ZN13CPDF_Document15AddStandardFontEPKcP17CPDF_FontEncoding

But I see
00000000 T _ZN13CPDF_Document15AddStandardFontEPKcP17CPDF_FontEncoding
00000000 T _ZN13CPDF_Document12CreateNewDocEv
in pdfium/out/Release/obj.target/fpdfapi/core/src/fpdfapi/fpdf_edit/fpdf_edit_doc.o (also in libfpdfapi.a)

any suggestions on this issue or any one has worked on this will of great help.

Gane R

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