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fist pre-release of iGeoDesktop

Andreas Poth

as announced on the last deegree day in may 2008 we started developing a
GIS desktop application named iGeoDesktop as part of deegree. Now a
first pre-release is available that demostrates the ideas and concepts
behind iGeodesktop. As all other deegree components the application will
be published under LGPL license and is available through deegree SVN
Because this is a pre-release please do not expect everything is working
and well configured. If you have ideas and suggestions of is missing and
what could be realized in a better way please use deegree mailing lists
for discussion.
You can download iGeoDesktop as install/setup programs for windows and
linux at:

Please read the readme.txt included in root directory after installation!

Future releases will be available through deegree pages and announces
through deegree lists.

best regards


Dr. Andreas Poth

l a t / l o n  GmbH
Aennchenstrasse 19            53177 Bonn, Germany
phone ++49 +228 18496-0       fax ++49 +228 18496-29

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