evaluation of documentation translation in transifex

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evaluation of documentation translation in transifex

Paul van Genuchten
Hi GeoNetwork translators. This week we’re meeting as GeoNetwork developers virtually at https://gitter.im/geonetwork/core-geonetwork <https://gitter.im/geonetwork/core-geonetwork> for the annual Bolsena codesprint.
We have discussed the option to alter the documentation translations, as the current system has some limitations. We would however love to include you in the discussion, because you are the main contributors to this aspect. Can you please share with us your experiences with transifex considering the translation of documentation. How do you experience the aspect of rewriting a paragraph if only a basic change has been made in that paragraph (do you know the option to let transifex suggest a translation (which allows you to retrieve the old translation).

Quite a challenge with transifex is that it doesn’t allow to maintain multiple versions (branches) of the documentation. We as developers therefore are suggesting to move the translations back to the github repository. You as translator could then use github-edit-file via the webbrowser, or preferably use github-for-windows or smartgit to download, change and upload the files. We’d be eager to learn if one of these options presents a blocking challenge to you.

Please forward this message to any GeoNetwork translators you know.

Regards, Paul van Genuchten.
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