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Chris Herrnberger

Was wondering if someone can decifer the following error message please:
Warning: QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem::getRecord failed :  select * from
tbl_srs where parameters='+proj=longlat +a=6371200 +b=6371200 +no_defs'
Warning: QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem::findMatchingProj will only work if prj
acr ellipsoid acr and proj4string are set!...
Critical: QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem::createFromWkt -- theWkt is
uninitialised, operation failed

How this comes about is as follows:
1. download an NOAA grib file
2. gdal-info shows the file is not corrupt and properly configured
2. gdal_translate creates a sample.tif and sample.aux.xml file holding the
meta data
3. loading the sample.tif as a raster into qgis produces the above generated

Is there any way I can correct for this?

gdal = 1.6.0beta2, released 2008/11/12
gqis = 1.0 Kore
os = ubuntu 8.04

Best regards and thanks

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